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Self-Care Check-In

When it comes to mental health, self-care can help manage stress, lower the risk of illness, and provide increased energy. Even small acts of self-care can have a big impact.

Ensure your self-care strategies are beneficial to your well-being by asking yourself three simple questions.

  1. How does your self-care routine make you feel?

If it’s causing more stress than relief, feeling bogged down, or developing negative thoughts toward the activity, give yourself permission to feel and be flexible. Assess the activity and make changes where necessary.

  1. Does your self-care routine include saying “no”?

We tend to fill our calendars with things to do, occasionally masking events, activities, etc., as self-care when in fact, they are not serving us. Opt out of optional stress by saying “no” to things that do not support your growth and development.

  1. Have your lifestyle needs changed?

You are ever-evolving, and so are your needs. Adjust routines to fit any lifestyle changes. Stay on track with continuing self-care, even if a wrench is thrown in your plans.

To learn more about self-care, visit Self-Care: The Gift That Keeps You Going.

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