Quantico 50M Pool

We regretfully inform our community that the Quantico Outdoor 50M Pool will not be opening this season. The pool, which was originally built in 1947, requires the completion of large scale projects to be able to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for customers. These projects require assessments, time, and planning to be able to be completed. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Refund, & Rain Check Policy

The pool will close in the event of thunder, lightning, or other inclement weather and will re-open 30 minutes after the last occurrence or at the discretion of the Pool Manager or designated staff member. All patrons must vacate the water and the pool deck during inclement weather. Patrons may wait in the locker rooms during a storm but are prohibited from taking showers or using the sinks. Refunds will not be issued for closures due to inclement weather, however, rain checks may be issued to receipt holders.