The goal of Readiness & Deployment Support is to prepare families for the unique challenges of deployment, pre, mid, and post-deployment When a Marines family is prepared he/she is able to maintain a constant state of readiness. Which will ensure that they will remain fully focused on the mission, whether in garrison or in combat.

The Military lifestyle brings with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities our families face each and every day. Marine Corps Family Team Building is here to support your needs.

Family Care Plan
Emergencies happen whether we like them or not, and just as importantly, whether we have
prepared for them or not. “What’s in Your Family Care Plan” is a workshop designed to explore the reasons why preparation is essential and important considerations during that process.

Readiness Binder
Learn about how preparedness is the key to being mission ready, not just for Marines but for families too! Gain tips and insights to get and stay organized with your family & medical records, legal documents, finances, housing, and much more!

Pre-Deployment for Marines & Families
This workshop highlights key areas of personal and family preparation for single Marines, married Marines and their respective families; either active duty or reservists. Suggestions for personal and family preparation including important documents, emergency communication, money management, and operational security, sources of assistance, and information and referral resources are provided.

Pre-Deployment for Parents & Children
The Parents and Children Program uses an optional guest speaker, puppet show, and age-appropriate activities for children age 5 and older to prepare for the upcoming deployment. The adult component combines discussion and demonstration to highlight ways parents can support their children during a deployment. Parents will learn about age appropriate activities they can do with their children and recognize common reactions children may exhibit due to deployment related stress.

Mid-Deployment: Deployment Success
Spouses and significant others are invited to learn about self-care during mid-deployment. It includes what to expect during the Service Member’s absence, stress management, and available resources.

This is a great opportunity to assess progress thus far, get new ideas for continued success, and also networking with other Marine Corps spouses and significant others.

Return and Reunion
Families will find a healthy way to reconnect when their Service Member returns from deployment.
This includes answers about homecoming, celebration suggestions, and possible concerns about the effects of deployment

Reintegration: Success
Participants will develop solutions to communication and relationship challenges which may be encountered during the post deployment period.

Kids Deployment: Series

A suite focused on equipping military children with tools to navigate life during each stage of deployment, to include stress and emotional awareness management techniques, relaxation through play, nutrition, exercise and fitness; positive character traits; and making connections with other people.

  • Kids Readiness
  • Kids Mid-Deployment
  • Kids Return & Reunion

Volunteer Ready
This class will educate military and civilian Accepting Officials about volunteerism, best practices, and their roles and responsibilities when working with Marine Corps Volunteers.

Passport to Volunteering
Throughout your lifetime, you will volunteer with various organizations, programs and initiatives you feel passionate about.
Some will take up a small amount of your time and others will be a commitment over months and years. Passport to Volunteering is your orientation to prepare you for success as a Marine Corps Volunteer and as a champion of the Marine Corps in the surrounding community.

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Readiness and Deployment Support

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