LifeSkills Training and Education offers various workshops that will offer skills and tools that will enhance personal growth and education for both the individual Marine and their family member, in four separate areas.

  • Relationship Series
  • Communication Series
  • Wellness Series
  • Impact Series

Workshops are open to all active duty, civilians, spouses, and retirees.

Relationship Series
Real Relationships
Investing in relationships early on can pay huge dividends later. Learn healthy ways to begin and sustain a relationship and discuss strategies for meeting the emotional needs and expectations of one another.

Communication Series
5 Love Languages
This workshop focuses on a communication framework developed by Dr. Gary Chapman that helps us better understand relationships between couples. This workshop will help couples identify how they communicate love to one another so that they can improve their relationship.

Inner Balance
Basic Stress, Anger, and Conflict Management. Each of these workshops will focus on helpful strategies and tools in the subject area to become more emotionally resilient in both personal and professional relationships.

Say What?
Participants will learn how to communicate effectively in their personal and professional lives, to include active listening techniques, conversational skills, and etiquette for phone, email, and in-person engagement.

Four Lenses Workshop
Four Lenses will teach participants how to understand their own personality traits. They will learn to identify the personality styles of
others and how their own traits mesh or clash with other personalities at work, home, and school.

Wellness Series

Bridging the Generation Gap
Participants learn the unique characteristics of each generation. This understanding provides a foundation to enable improved communication across the various generations by increasing knowledge of their characteristics, influences, and priorities.

Attitude and Actions
A modern-day exploration of concepts and philosophies that will help participants maintain a positive focus and engage as leaders in their homes, at work, and within their communities.

Impact Series

Ready, Set, Prepare
Service Members and their families learn how to be informed and prepared for natural or man-made disasters in their region.

Family Care Plan
Emergencies happen whether we like them or not, and just as importantly, whether we have prepared for them or not. “What’s in Your Family Care Plan” is a workshop designed to explore the reasons why preparation is essential and important considerations during that

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