Offered Seminars and Workshops

Transition Readiness

(Formerly known as TAP)

The Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) is designed to provide accurate and relevant information pertaining to benefits and entitlements available to those service members who are separating, and focuses on managing both personal and professional change.  This comprehensive approach is designed to relay practical information that eases the transition from military service into the civilian world.  The separation seminar consists of the Pre-Separation Counseling Brief/Core Curriculum offered in conjunction with four military-to-civilian pathways.

Career & Technical Track: Service members electing to take the TRS Career & Technical Pathway will be provided information about career interest, MOS and PME training aligned to industry-based apprenticeships, certifications, and licensures to help them become more marketable to meet current employers’ workforce development needs.   The purpose of the Career & Technical Training Pathway is to prepare Marines and spouses for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic, and totally related to a specific trade, occupation, or vocational career fields.  The main goal of this pathway is to educate Marines and spouses on how to make the most informed decisions about short-term career/technical training that provides knowledge, skills, abilities and work-based learning opportunities leading to gainful employment.  In completing the Career/Technical Pathway, the Marine and spouses will be able to interpret the VMET and SMART transcripts to help decide career choices and resume development. In addition, they will develop a working Career Portfolio, references, certifications, awards, and understand its purpose.

College/University Track: Service members electing to take the College/University Education Pathway will be provided with information about how to select a college or university, enrollment procedures, admission requirements, educational funding including financial aid and scholarships. During this pathway the Marine and spouse will be able to determine the appropriate college/university that satisfies their career interests and goals, plan for college by understanding admissions criteria, transferrable college credit and the selection processes of two-year and four-year colleges/universities; understand entrance examinations, test preparations programs, and the use of standardized test scores to determine admission qualifications; learn how to fund their education through program such as Military Tuition Assistance, Veterans educational benefits, Federal Student Aid program (FAFSA), DOE’s Student Aid Report

Boots to Business 2 day workshop: Service members electing to take the Entrepreneurship Pathway will learn how to evaluate applicable skills and personality traits needed for self-employment, identify types of business ownership, research the business market and competition, draft a business plan, and obtain financing. Class participants will learn about the varied resources that are available to support small business owners and entrepreneurs at different stages of business development and growth, understand the financial skills needed, comprehend the importance and need to budget, staff, fund, and manage a business for profitable operations during the first three years, and finish the workshop with a refined and more accurate business plan based on interests and plans.  During the pathway, instructors will provide participants with information and references pertaining to owning a business, a full understanding of the requirements, responsibilities, and resources needed to succeed, and a means to decide if this career option is the direction to take when leaving military service.  After the workshop, an eight week on line class is available.


This seminar is open to all eligible ranks that are within two years of retiring. In this seminar you will receive information on the mandatory Pre-separation Counseling check list. To include, VA Benefits/Disability, TRICARE, Survival Benefits, Post- Government Employment, Legal, Distribution Management (DMO) Federal Employment, Education, Separation/Retirement (IPAC),  Finance Disbursing (Travel Entitlements) Relocation (Pay Entitlements) Marine4Life and the DOL Employment sessions will address all aspects of employment i.e. resume writing, salary negations, and interviewing techniques.   All subjects are retiree specific.  Participants must register with the Career Planners or UTC.


For O5s-O6s and  E8, E9, CWO4s, CWO5s (formerly known as ETAP).  Seats are limited to 50 participants.
The Executive Transition Readiness Seminar (ETRS) provides imperative career information and accommodates the specific needs of senior military leaders. Catering to executive-level leadership and high-profile positions those senior leaders seek, Executive Transition Readiness Seminar expands on the Department of Labor’s TAP  employment curriculum in a more sophisticated peer assemblage. The week-long seminar incorporates the Pre-Separation Counseling Brief / Core Curriculum covering benefits and entitlements upon retirement from military service.  This comprehensive approach is designed to relay practical information that eases the transition from military service into the civilian world.  By attending the Executive Transition Readiness Seminar, participants gain an in-depth knowledge base in the following areas: skill assessments and marketing strategies, career exploration, networking, today’s current job market, hiring and staffing challenges, resume preparation, industry standard interview attire, interview techniques and salary negotiations.  Participants must register with the Career Resource Management Center and it is on a first come, first served basis. 703-784-2511 or 703-784-4963.