Transition Readiness (TR)

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Transition Readiness Program at MCB Quantico is making changes to the delivery of Transition

Readiness Program services to ensure completion of required timelines (Initial Counseling, Pre- Separation Counseling, Transition Readiness Seminar and Capstone Reviews), while increasing precautionary measures being set in place due to COVID-19. CONTACT YOUR UNIT TRANSITION COORDINATOR (UTC) FOR MORE INFORMATION.


For Marines, the transition process begins with your Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC). Contact your

UTC to get instructions on how to begin the transition process. If you are a Marine on a Marine Corps installation outside of MCB Quantico, contact the UTC at your unit/installation. If you are a Marine Reservist or Marine on I&I Duty outside of MCB Quantico, contact the P&PD Manager at MARFORRES Cynthia.nothstein@usmc.cmil for Transition Readiness assistance. For other services, contact the UTC equivalent for your branch of service.


Step One: Identify your Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) and make contact to receive instructions on how to schedule Initial Counseling.
Step Two: Initial Counseling (IC) - Complete IC no LESS than 365 days from your EAS/Retirement. It recommended you take this step as soon as possible before the 365 day mark to have as much time as possible to create your individual transition plan.
Step Three: Pre- Separation Counseling (Pre-Sep) - Complete Pre-Sep no LESS than 365 days from your EAS/Retirement.
Step Four: Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS):
Separatees should attend TRS 12-14 months prior to EAS but no later than 6 months prior to EAS.
Retirees should attend TRS 18-24 months prior to their retirement date but no later than 6 months prior to retirement.
Steps One through Three must be completed prior to Step Four - attending TRS
Step Five: Capstone Review: Completion is required no LESS than 120 from EAS/Retirement.
Step Six: Capstone Verification: Completion is required no LESS than 90 days from EAS/Retirement.
Step Seven: Print your DD Form 2648 and provide a copy to IPAC.
Personal & Professional Development Advisors are available to assist you with setting and obtaining your transition goals. You will meet your Advisor during Step One – Initial Counseling.