Readiness and Deployment Support

Marine Corps Family Team Building

The goal of Readiness & Deployment Support is to prepare families for the unique challenges of deployment, pre, mid, and post-deployment When a Marines family is prepared he/she is able to maintain a constant state of readiness. Which will ensure that they will remain fully focused on the mission, whether in garrison or in combat.

Workshops are available for the following areas:

For more information in support groups or support topics, please call the
Readiness & Deployment Support office at 703-634-2672 or a
Family Life Consultant at 703-432-1905.


Topics discussed in the Pre-Deployments trainings include resources available to Marines and families, legal planning, single parents, Combat Operational Stress Continuum, personal preparation and preparing loved ones.

Pre-Deployment for Marines & Families
This training highlights key areas of personal and family preparation of single Marines, married Marines, and their respective families; either activity duty or reservists in preparation for deployment. Suggestions for preparation of important documents, emergency communication, and sources of assistance are also provided.


Topics discussed in the Mid-Deployment workshops provide information on how to thrive during a deployment, promoting self care, and helping children cope with deployments.

Deployment Success
This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for the spouse or significant other at home during a deployment. It includes suggestions for fun things to do, goal setting and resources. This is a great opportunity to assess your deployment success thus far!

Kids & Deployment
This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for kids, including reactions to deployment, ways parents can help, and resources available.

Self Care
This workshop is designed to promote deployment self-care for the spouse or significant other at home during deployment. It includes information about stress management, staying connected with your Marine, dealing with emotional ups and downs, and resources available.

Return and Reunion

Topics discussed in the Return and Reunion workshops provide information on what to expect on the "Big Day", helping you deal with changes that may have occurred while your Marine was deployed, and ideas on how parents can best support their children during the reintegration process.

Spouses & Significant Others
This workshop provides ideas on how to reintegrate with your Marine, what to expect on the "Big Day" when he/she returns, and helping you with changes that may have occurred during the deployment.

Parents & Kids
This workshop provides age-appropriate activities for children age 5 and older to prepare for the upcoming return, reunion, and reintegration with their Marine parent. The adult component combines ways parents can support their child during return, reunion, and reintegration.

Parents and Extended Family
This workshop answers questions about what to expect at homecoming, provides suggestions on celebrating homecoming with your Marine, and addressing any concerns you may have regarding your Marine.


Topics discussed in the Post-Deployment workshop includes ideas on how to renegotiate responsibilities now that your Marine has returned, communication strategies, understanding each other's need for personal space and time, and resources available to help in the reintegration process.

Reintegration: Strong Marine Couples - This workshop provides a fun forum for couples to assess their recent deployment experience in an effort to further strengthen their relationship.

Support for Families

Looking for information on dealing with children during deployments? Published materials are available through MCFTB. Interested in being kept informed or opportunities of support and recreation open to families of deployed service members, call 703-634-2672.

Workshops available for Support for Families