Family Readiness and Support

Marine Corps Family Team Building

The goal of the Family Readiness Program is to provide resource information and training in addition to support services to enhance a Marine's personal and family readiness. The Family Readiness Program assists commands by offering training and education in developing successful and effective Unit Personal and Family Readiness Programs (UPFRP).

The UPFRP provides the needed support and guidance at the unit level around the Marine Corps. As each unit is different, each program varies slightly in how it supports the identified family and friends of the personnel attached to that unit. To find out about your UPFRP, visit the unit website or contact the Unit Deployment Readiness Coordinator/Uniformed Readiness Coordinator.

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Training is available for: Deployment Readiness Coordinator/Uniformed Readiness CoordinatorFamily Readiness Advisors and Command Team AssistantsFamily Readiness Command TeamCO/Senior Enlisted Spouses Training.

Deployment Readiness Coordinator/Uniformed Readiness Coordinator Training

Deployment Readiness Coordinator/Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (DRC/URC) is a special staff officer for the unit who provides oversight and coordination of all aspects of family readiness to include official communication to all members, command representation, information and referral, and unit support.

Training: 6 hours

Family Readiness Advisors and Command Team Assistant Training

Family Readiness Volunteer Assistants are spouses and/or designated parents/extended family members of Marines that support and assist the unit commander and DRC/URC in the execution of the UPFRP. The training provided by Family Readiness Program provide the volunteer with the basic skills to step in and be a part of the UPFRP.

Training Outline: Topics covered in this training include UPFRP roles and responsibilities, Information and Referral, Supporting Families, Administrative side of volunteering.

Prerequisite: Appointment Letter

Training: 4 hours

Family Readiness Command Team (FRCT)

The Command Team is the problem-solving body for unit Marines, spouses of unit Marines, and designated parents and extended family members of unit Marines in regard to the UPFRP. The team includes: CO, the XO, the SgtMaj., the DRC/URC, the Chaplain, Senior Spouses, and Single Marine Representative. Training is scheduled through the command and open to FRCT members only.

Training: 2 hours

OPSEC/PII Training

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Operational Security (OPSEC) Overview Training is designed to orient and guide volunteers in their responsibilities to protect personally identifiable information (PII) within any volunteer position.