Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS)

FOCUS offers training designed to strengthen couples and families in readiness for tomorrow. It builds on current strengths and teaches practical skills related to the challenges of military life, including stress, injury and other transitions. During FOCUS, families and couples practice perspective-taking and become closer by developing a shared understanding of their experience. Sessions tailored to each couple or family’s individual goals enhance cohesion, communication and mutual care. FOCUS training is confidential, free and offers services at family friendly hours. FOCUS services are also available via the virtual TeleFOCUS program, allowing families and couples to meet with a FOCUS Provider through video teleconference. Families and couples can use TeleFOCUS when remote from our local site or for those sessions that are difficult to make.

FOCUS sessions allow families and couples to build their own story about military life experiences.

This helps them to:


  •          Build on current strengths
  •          Use problem-solving and goal-setting to empower the entire family
  •          Clarify misunderstandings and respect individual points of view
  •          Identify, manage and discuss emotions
  •          Feel closer and more supported


FOCUS is available in several formats: family consultations, couple- or family-level training, small group training and workshops. FOCUS builds strong connections with other military family providers to support a network of care for service members, their partners and families.  FOCUS supports a network of care for service members, their partners and families by building strong connections with military family providers and other resources for referral.