School Liaison Program

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Our mission is to identify and coordinate community resources to reduce the impact of the mobile military lifestyle on military school-aged children and families; to implement predictable support services that assist children/youth with relocations, life transitions and achieving academic success; and to provide a wide range of resources that facilitate school transitions to parents, students, school, commanders and communities.

School Liaison Program

Connecting Families, Schools, and The Marine Corps

The School Liaison utilizes community-based resources to enhance the academic learning environment of military school age children as they navigate the transitions unique to the military lifestyle.

The School Liaison partners with the command staff, MCCS Marine and Family Services Division, and the local school community to address educational issues that involve Quantico's military children. The School Liaison acts as the communication link between the installation, Marine and Family Service programs, the military family and the surrounding school districts.

Transitional services include information and referral to ease the move from one educational setting to another. The School Liaison may further assist the military school-age child by facilitation problem solving and providing education to the parents, schools and command so that they may better advocate for the needs of the military child.

The local schools benefit by having a direct contact person at Quantico who can help them understand the specific challenges military students experience and give them the necessary tools and support to help military children succeed in their academic environment.