FOCUS Services

FOCUS provides free, confidential resilience training to families in all stages of transition and/or separation. For example, some FOCUS families are in the middle of a deployment or are reuniting after a deployment. Some FOCUS families are interested in training during non-deployment separations, but are anticipating future deployments. These families are working to be proactive in planning for the event by seeking training. And still other families come to FOCUS years after their last deployment, simply to learn ways to maintain their connection as a family and ways to support each other through changes and transitions.

FOCUS offers:

  • •  Individualized Family Resiliency Training (personalized to meet the goals of the parents or couple)
  • • Consultations for providers and families without children or with children younger than 3 years old
  • • In-school student skill-building groups
  • • Staff Trainings
  • • Workshops for parents, community members, and service providers
  • • Briefs/PMEs for commands, community members, and service providers
  • • Specialized training for Wounded, Ill, or Injured service members and their families (local families as well as those who are not near an installation with a FOCUS site).

Skill Building Groups

FOCUS (Families OverComing Under Stress) offers skill building groups, also called workshops, which feature one of several core skills that train attendees how to recognize common reactions in individual family members (including children!) to deployment, separation, and transition and to provide tools to respond to signs of stress and to express emotions while remaining calm. The information provided in these groups is specifically tailored to the audience and can be created to fit the needs of USMC and USN units as well.

For further information or to schedule a workshop for your unit, your unit's families, or your school please call: 703-784-0189.

Resources for Families

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