Question - “We’ve been through reintegration and deployment before.  How can FOCUS help us now?”

Answer – “Families are always changing and require new skills for each transition experience.  FOCUS can help your family build strength and confidence to thrive in any situation.”

Question - “I think I have a pretty good idea of how my children feel about military life.  How can FOCUS help me understand their concerns and better prepare them for changes?”

Answer – “Sometimes children have a hard time telling their parents about their worries.  FOCUS teaches your kids how to talk to you about their concerns and shows you helpful ways to respond, which can make kids less likely to have problems at home or in school.” 

Question – “My spouse seems different since he/she returned.  How can FOCUS help us come together as a family to support each other?”

Answer – “Service members returning from deployment might find it hard to adjust to being home again.  They may be dealing with the effects of stress or physical injuries, or they may feel distant after missing important family events.  FOCUS teaches your family how to talk about your experiences and suggests activities that can help you and your kids reconnect.”